The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) in partnership with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) have begun a Training programme for electronic technicians at the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences (SNAS), Legon Accra.

The initiative known as the Ghana Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) Voucher Project (GTVP) was financed by the Dutch Government to help build the capacity of Ghana’s informal sector labour force in the field of electronics.

A total of 40 informal sector workers (Electronic Technicians) were admitted for the first phase of the programme that will last from November 13, 2017 to April 13, 2018.

As part of the activities, participants will be given Competency Base Training (CBT) in Electronics and other Generic courses such as Science, Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), English and Entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the orientation ceremony, the Director General of GAEC, Prof. Benjamin Nyarko commended the initiative saying, the move will create room for beneficiaries to handle jobs at the international level. He stressed that lack of professionalism and proper training in the system is crippling the informal sector.

He further commended the programme facilitators for including courses like Science, Mathematics, English and ICT and entrepreneurship. He was convinced that the initiative will help participants to easily integrate into the formal sector with such training.

Mr. Isaac Boateng of the Ghana TVET Voucher project lauded GAEC’s commitment to provide qualified facilitators and ultramodern classrooms to train the participants.

Mr. Boateng was thankful to the German Government and COTVET for introducing GTVP to impart professional knowledge to the informal sector workers.

He advised the participants to take the programme serious in order to transform the informal sector with the acquired knowledge