The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has commenced a series of workshops to sensitize Management and staff on the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

The workshops are aimed at bringing Management and staff of the Commission up-to-speed on key provisions of ACT 989 to ensure its successful implementation.

The Assistant RTI Officer of GAEC, Mr. Kwasi Ampofo Fianko (standing), speaking to the Security Guards.

Speaking at one of the workshops organized for personnel of the Security Section, the Assistant RTI Officer of GAEC, Mr. Kwasi Ampofo Fianko noted that one of the main goals of the RTI Act is to ensure transparency and accountability in the governance of the country.

He emphasized that as part of efforts to fight corruption and build trust in government institutions, the RTI Act mandates public institutions to give credible information to individuals who request for it.

“The purpose of the RTI Act is to fulfill Article 21 (1) (f) of the 1992 constitution, which guarantees the right of an individual to information” he stated.


According to Mr. Fianko, an individual has the right to apply for information without giving any reasons prior to the application, except in emergency situations where the timelines are shorter.

“After we receive a request for information, we have fourteen days to respond to the request. However, in the case of an emergency we have only two days to respond” he added.

Mr. Fianko stressed that the security guards of the Commission are part of the front line staff and should to be conscious of dates and timelines associated with requests for information from the public.

He therefore urged them to promptly direct any request for information on the activities of the Commission to the Communication and Public Relations Center (CPRC) of GAEC for the necessary assistance.


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