Freight forwarder praises the Radiation Protection Institute of GAEC

The Managing Director of Bajfreight and Logistics Limited, Mr. Eric Kofi Owusu, has praised the role of the Radiation Protection Institute (RPI) of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) in the training of occupationally exposed persons on how to protect themselves from the potential harmful effects of radiations and radioactive materials.

He made these remarks at the closing ceremony of a 3-day refresher training programme held at RPI, GAEC from May 13-15 2019, to train members of his Staff on Occupational Radiation Protection and Safety during transport of radioactive materials.

The course objectives among others were to equip the workers with basic radiation physics and adequately informing them of the effects of ionizing radiations. It was also aimed at teaching the workers on the possible health hazards associated with radiation and radioactive substances and training them on the basic principles of radiation protection and how they can apply them in their work environment and also during transportation.

Mr. Owusu opined that due to the potential hazards that radioactive sources pose to the workers and the public, during transportation of radioactive materials from one point to the other, it was essential that his team’s capacity was built and brought up-to-speed with current trends in safely transporting radioactive materials.

He revealed that they have benefited greatly from these trainings and this session is the company’s third time. “The benefits have been immense because it served as a refresher course for some of us and has taught the new trainees among us on how to work safely during transportation of radioactive materials”, he added.

He encouraged other freight forwarding companies to follow their footsteps to train their staff on safe handling and transportation of radioactive materials to avoid penalties and sanctions as well as reducing unnecessary radiation exposure to the public and workers.


Dr. Francis Otoo, a Senior Research Scientist of RPI and a Facilitator of the training programme said the Institute, will continue to offer training to all end users of radiation sources as well as companies involved in the transport of radioactive materials. He also commended the Bajfreight Logistics Limited for availing themselves for the training. He expressed confidence that the knowledge acquired by the trainees would be put into practice in order to ensure safety and security in the transport of radioactive sources/materials.