GAEC restructures administrative offices to boost Productivity and commercialization of its nuclear technologies

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has reorganized and restructured some administrative offices to enhance efficiency and boost the commercialization of its nuclear technologies and other services.


Mr. William Srekuma, Director of Administration(GAEC)
Mr. William Srekuma, Director of Administration(GAEC)

The exercise involved the consolidation and realignment of about five different Offices which has given birth to a new office, called the Commercialization and Communication Directorate (CCD). The CCD has five Centers, namely; the Communication and Public Relations, Marketing, Technology Transfer and Innovation, Information and Communication Technology, and the Guesthouse and Hospitality Services Centers.


The Commission also elevated its Human Resource Department into a Directorate which now has four Centers to effectively manage employee’s capacity development and job performance within the Commission. The Centers are; Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Counseling, and Welfare and Pension Centers.


The Director-General of GAEC, Prof. Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, explained that the Commission undertook the restructuring exercise to bring to the doorstep of individuals and industries, the Commission’s solution-driven nuclear research that addresses societal problems, whiles, promoting the peaceful use of nuclear, biotechnology and other related technologies for the socio-economic development of the country.


He also noted that the CCD would aid in the promotion of commercialization to help generate income to support the activities of the Commission, whiles the Human Resource (HR) Directorate would boost the functionality of the HR personnel towards the effective management of employees, welfare and morale, among others.


GAEC Orients Newly Appointed Directors and Managers

A one-day orientation workshop has been organized for newly appointed Directors and Managers of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).


The orientation which is part of the Commission’s anticipated new phase had participants from the recently restructured Human Resource and the Commercialization and Communication Directorates to enhance efficiency and boost the commercialization of its nuclear technologies and other services.


The Director-General of GAEC, Prof. Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, in brief remarks, encouraged participants to bring to bear, some positive change in their new roles; “transformation does not start with a multitude of people but an individual,” he stated.


Prof. Nyarko urged the Managers to contribute meaningfully to the cause of Management for the realization of the Commission’s objectives. He reminded them that their roles were performance-based.


He admonished the appointees to have the spirit of humility to learn from their subordinates, and also establish healthy working relationships with all Staff as well as orient themselves with the management structures and systems of the Commission.


He further congratulated them on their appointments and wished them well in their new endeavour. “I hope that what you learn today will bring the needed transformation through you and help achieve our objectives,” he added.


The topics treated at the workshop included, the Duties and Roles of the Director, Deputy Director and Manager Positions, Policies and Procedures/Change Management, Functions of Internal Audit, and Public Financial Management Reforms.



Vacancy Announcement

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, established by an Act of Parliament, Act 588 of 2000, as the sole Agency in Ghana responsible for all matters relating to peaceful uses of atomic energy, invites applications for the following positions;

  1. Director General

The Position

  • The Director General is the Chief Executive of GAEC and is responsible for the day-to-day administration as well as the research, development and education functions of the Commission.
  • The Director General is responsible for the implementation of the Commission’s Strategic Plan and for initiating new directions in research and development and human capacity building activities of the Commission.


Specific Areas of Operation includes working with;

  • Governments
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Atomic Energy Authorities of other countries;
  • Other International Agencies;
  • Research Institutions and Universities, both local and international.


The Person

Must be a citizen of Ghana and an accomplished Research Scientist.


Qualification/ Work Experience

  • Must be a (Ph.D., DSc, and DPhil) in nuclear and/ or allied sciences.
  • Must have sound knowledge and experience in nuclear sciences and/or nuclear engineering.
  • Must be a Chief Research Scientist/Professor with knowledge in nuclear and allied sciences.
  • Must be a distinguished scholar with a capacity to motivate and direct staff.
  • Must possess good organizational skills and exhibit a high sense of responsibility and leadership.
  • Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and capacity to manage and control crisis situations.
  • Must be innovative, business-oriented, and able to establish rapport between the Commission and potential user agencies (such as Industry, Agriculture, Health, etc)
  • Must have the ability to attract research funding
  • Must not be more than 55 years old.

Duties/ Key Responsibilities

  • Advise Government on nuclear programs in pursuit of national development.
  • Set the priority goals of research activities within the Commission in line with Government policy.
  • Drive the research and technical operations of GAEC, including commercialization of research output.
  • Develop and implement the appropriate strategies and systems for effective coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of research work within the Institutes.
  • Ensure a sound working environment, which is conducive for the publication of research output.
  • Ensure the availability of funds for research purposes.

Terms of Appointment

  • The appointment, which is a full time, will be for five (5) years full term in the first instance and may be subject to renewal for a second term.


  1. Director/ Dean of School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences (SNAS)

The Position

The Director/ Dean is responsible for directing the administrative, scientific, technical, and educational functions of SNAS.


The Dean will report to the Director-General.


The Person

Must be a citizen of Ghana and an accomplished Research Scientist

Qualification/ Work experience

  • Must possess a higher degree (Ph.D., DSc, and DPhil) in either Nuclear or related fields.
  • Must be of the minimum rank of Principal Research Scientist or Associate Professor.
  • Must possess a good sense of direction and managerial leadership.
  • Must have excellent research, analytical and conceptual capabilities to be able to innovate for performance improvement.
  • Must be able to demonstrate maturity, integrity, assertiveness, self-confidence, and broad knowledge of the Nuclear, Biotechnology, and other related fields so as to be able to promote the image of GAEC at national and international fora.
  • Must have proven ability to organize and coordinate research and educational activities at SNAS and to motivate research project leaders to combine research excellence with cost-effectiveness and relevance.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills so as to be able to inspire research and supporting students and staff.
  • Must not be more than fifty-five (55) years.

Duties / key responsibilities

  • The Dean is to work closely with the Director-General to implement policies of the Commission.
  • It is his/her responsibility to initiate new research proposals in accordance with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approved Country Programme Framework (CPF) for Ghana and co-ordinate research, scientific, technical, and educational activities at SNAS.
  • Set the priority goals of research activities at SNAS in line with the Commission’s policy.
  • Drive the research and technical operations of SNAS.
  • Develop and implement the appropriate strategies and systems for effective coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of research work at SNAS.
  • Ensures a sound working environment conducive for the publication of research output.
  • Ensures the availability of funds for research purposes at SNAS.
  • Cultivate and develop relationships with alumni and industry partners.
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Any other job that may be assigned by the Director-General.

Terms of Appointment

  • The position is for five (5) years but may be renewed for a second term.
  • Must be able to serve a full term of five (5) years.


Mode of Application

Application forms may be obtained at the Commission’s Cash Office at a fee of GH¢500.00 or download the forms below

and GH₵500.00 paid at the Cash Office upon submission of the forms.



A written application together with a completed application form should be submitted to the Director-General at the address below not later than Friday, February 26, 2021.


The Director-General

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

P.O. Box LG 80, Legon Accra.


The application should also include:

  • Complete CV of the applicant with names and addresses of three referees

A two (2) page Vision Statement.