The purpose of the site is to provide information for the radiation protection community (radiation workers, regulators, and decision makers) and members of the public about the role and activities of the Radiation Protection Board as well as the policies of the Radiation Protection Institute; to provide information and guidance on issues related to protection and safety of workers, patients, the public and the environment as well as security of nuclear and radioactive materials and to provide links to other websites of interest.

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) created the Radiation Protection Institute (RPI) in February 2002 to ensure the protection of the Ghanaian population and in particular end-users of x-ray units, radiation sources and radioactive materials from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and safety of radiation sources used in medicine, industry, research and teaching.

The Institute is to authorize, inspect and control all activities and practices involving sealed radiation sources, ionizing radiation and other sources, radioactive materials and x-rays used in hospitals in Ghana.


For application forms for the importation of radioactive materials and authorisations, click here

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AFRA Training Course

Regional (AFRA) Training Course on
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New Publications

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Child birth is a priority of every woman in her child bearing age in Ghana. Inability of women to become pregnant is a major concern. For that matter, the clinical procedure, hysterosalpingography, seeks to investigate infertility in women by visualizing the uterine and tubal pathologies using X-ray and a contrast material. Read More

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